Smart Home Automation – Essential Guide

smart home automation - ultimate guide

If you are trying to learn more about smart home automation, you are at the right place. Smart home devices are becoming increasingly popular these days. You might have a smart home device in your home without even realising it. In this guide we will talk about these devices and home automation. But before that we will start with the basics – what is a smart home device?

What is a Smart Home Device?

Smart home devices connect to the internet, and have features like remote access and automation Smart home devices allow you to control your home from anywhere. And yes, that’s anywhere in the world!

You can adjust the temperature, turn on lights, lock doors and much more just from your phone. It’s a great way to make your life easier and more efficient.

Smart home devices are a great way to make your life easier. They can help you save money, track your home’s energy usage. In addition, smart devices make it easier to keep tabs on what’s going on at home when you’re away.

What are the Different Types of Smart Home Devices used for home automation?

smart home security

There are many different smart home devices available in shops that can be used for a variety of home automation purposes.

For example

•            Smart security cameras – record what happens in your home when you’re away. These can be accessed remotely.

•            Smart thermostats – let you turn heating on/off and set temperatures remotely.

•            Smart doorbells – let you see who’s at your door from anywhere.

And that’s not all!

Smart thermostats can learn your schedule and automatically adjust the temperature in your home. This helps you save energy heating by the house only when needed. It can also alert you if the system needs maintenance.

Smart smoke detectors can notify you if there’s smoke in the air before it spreads through your entire house. These can send notification direct to your phone even when you are out.

Smart lighting controlled via an app.  Smart LED bulbs can be turned on/off from your phone or tablet. These can also be dimmed automatically when it’s time for bed. Some smart bulbs also come with built-in sensors that detect motion, so they only turn on when you enter the room.

How Do You Use Smart Home Devices for home automation?

smart device connection to a smart phone through a hub explained

Most smart home devices connect directly through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology. So, they don’t require being plugged directly into your modem or internet router.

However, some devices require an additional hardware installation known as a hub. Hub is normally connected to your WiFi router to provide internet connectivity. The smart device is then wirelessly connected to a hub. The hub wirelessly connects a smart device to your smart phone. Enabling you to control your smart device form anywhere. .

The most common smart home devices are light bulbs, central heating thermostats, door locks, and smart security systems. You can also use smart home devices for things like controlling your TV or turning on your appliances such as a coffee maker.

What are the benefits of smart home devices and home automation?

There are many benefits to using smart home devices and home automation.

For example, if you’re away from your house and want to turn on the lights you can do it via an app. You can also set schedules, so your lights turn on automatically while you are away. Similarly, you can set your heating to turn on while you are on your way back from work – so that you come back to a warm an cosy home.

These devices can be programmed to turn off after at a certain time, so you don’t waste energy while you’re asleep or away form your home.

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