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Welcome to I Love Start Home.

Smart Home is the new evolving term that most of us listen in everyday life but not lot of people understand what exactly is a smart home. But to be honest whether you have heard or you understand the term smart home or not this is the future of our homes and that is how our or next generations houses are going to be.

But do you know what exactly the term smart home or smart device means? The term smart in modern times refers to the devices that are much more efficient and advance as compare to the ordinary devices since they are equipped with Artificial Intelligence. Smart homes are therefore such homes that are fully equipped with smart devices hence making homes much more secure, comfortable and efficient in use of resources.

You might already have lots of smart devices in your homes in the form of security devices, central heating systems, lights and robot vacuums etc. In smart homes these devices communicate with each other and also with humans through a key driver which is generally termed as Internet of things (IOT).

The main objective of this website it to provide detailed guides, reviews, insights and recommendations relating to smart devices and smart homes.

My name is Kash and I am technology and smart home lover. If you too love technology and believe in regular home improvements do follow this website. Feel free to write in case you have any suggestions or you want me to write detail article on any particular topic relating to smart topics.