Zigbee Smart Plugs To Make Your Appliances Smart – Top Picks


With the increase in popularity of smart home devices, you want to make your home appliances smart but not sure where to start?

How about ‘Zigbee smart plugs’?

Replacing all your home devices with smart devices can cost you a fortune. Or perhaps, you don’t want to replace certain appliances which you have in your home. For example, you just bought a top of the range ‘coffee machine’ you want to be able to turn it on/off from your phone or monitor its energy usage. Replacing it is not the option!

Do not worry we have got you covered. If you want to make your existing home appliances smart – you can plug them into smart plugs. Smart plugs can then be operated from your smart phone to control your appliances. In addition to this, these plugs can be connected to Amazon Alexa or Google home – enabling you to control your appliances with voice commands.

There are many different types of smart plugs available in the market. In this articles, we will focus on Zigbee compatible smart plugs.

Why Zibgee smart plugs? Carry on reading to find out!

What is Zigbee smart plug?

Many smart devices can be connected to you phone through WiFi or Bluetooth. However, there are drawbacks and limitations of using WiFi or Bluetooth for connectivity with smart devices. For example WiFi consumes more power for connectivity. Also, Bluetooth and WiFi can have connectivity issues due to poor signal strength.

Therefore, instead of using WiFi or Bluetooth, Zigbee compatible smart devices communicate with your smart phone or smart home assistants through Zigbee protocol.  Zigbee is very popular communication method present in many smart home devices these days. These devices provide better and much more smoother connectivity. Newer Amazon Alexa devices can now directly communicate with Zigbee compatible smart devices, meaning you do not need any additional hubs. This enables you to control all your smart devices through a single virtual assistant. You can use commands such as:

‘Alexa, turn on the light in the Hallway’

‘Alexa, turn on the kettle’

‘Alexa, what is the temperature in the living room?’

and so on!

Zigbee smart plugs – Top Picks

Below are our top picks for Zigbee smart plugs to make your existing home appliances smart and enable you to control them with your smart phone or through voice commands.

Innr Zigbee Smart Plug

Innr Zigbee smart plugs is our top pick.

This plug is compatible with Samsung SmartThings, Philp Hue Hub.

It can be directly connected to Amazon Echo Plus and Echo Show 2 without needing any additional hub.

Any appliance, light or lamp connected to this switch becomes a smart light – enabling you to control it from your phone, remotely or through voice using Google Home or Amazon Alexa.

You can also set schedules to turn on/off appliances. E.g. you can schedule a light or lamp to turn on automatically in the evening and then turn off at night.

Compact style- doesn’t block any adjacent sockets

It is NOT suitable to use with washing machines or dryers (inductive loads).

Smart Zigbee extension cable

This smart Zigbee extension cable is what you need to make your home smart.

It has four sockets and two USB ports

Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home for voice control

Each of four sockets can be controlled individually.

Create schedules or set timers to turn devices on/off at certain times

Zigbee provides better and reliable connection

NOT recommended to be used with high voltage devices such as heaters

Woolley Zigbee Smart Plug

Next on our list of top smart Zigbee plus is: Woolley Zigbee Smart Plug

This plug works with Amazon Alexa as well as Goole Home

Zigbee for better connectivity

Small and compact design avoids hindering other neighbouring sockets

Worried that you have left the hair straightener or iron turned on. Do not worry! just check the switch status in the App for your peace of mind.

You can also set a fixed time to turn on/off your devices. E.g. turn off the light automatically when you fall asleep at night and the light automatically turns on when you wake up in the morning.

Woolley Zigbee Hub Required

Candeo Zigbee Dimming Smart Plug

Candeo Zigbee Dimming Smart Plug, as the name suggests is a dimmable smart plug with Zigbee connectivity

Unlike most smart plugs, which can turn lamps on or off, this smart plug has extra function to work as a dimmer for lamps, enabling you to dim your lamps at home to your desired level

Works with plug in lamps with dimmable bulbs

Compatible with Amazon Alexa (newer models with Zigbee compatibility) and Google Home for voice control

On/off button on side for manual operation

This dimmable smart plugs is only intended to be used with dimmable plug in lamps and NOT with any other household appliances.