Best Budget Friendly Smart Locks To Secure A Smart Home

ruveno slim smart lock

Looking for best smart locks to secure your home? Then you are at the right place!

One of the biggest advantage that smart homes have brought with them is smart locks. These are the locks that can easily work with virtual assistants like Google Home and Alexa etc. There are various types of smart locks available in the market however this article will specifically focus on low to mid price range budget friendly smart home door locks.

Before going into details about the best budget friendly smart home locks, it is worth mentioning here that how these smart locks are different from traditional door locks. In contrast to traditional locks the smart locks have the ability to send instant notification in case your door unlocks to your mobile phone as well as smart speakers to make you alert.

Another good thing about these smart locks is that you can control them even when you are away from home. Say you have important guest waiting outside home and you are still 15 minutes away, just from your mobile phone you can unlock your house so that your guest can sit inside and wait. There are many advantages of smart locks but today we are more focused towards suggesting you the best budget friendly smart lock for your homes.

Best Budget Friendly Smart Home Door Locks

Yale Smart Living Smart Home Lock

Key Features

  • Compatible with Nightlatches. This smart lock is compatible with most 60mm night latches. Therefore, installong it should be a quick and easy job
  • Can be connected to Yale smart home alarm system
  • Lock/unlock using app, pin code, key card etc
  • Ability to remotely lock/unlock through Yale App and WiFi.
  • Key Free Home. Provides with the ability to share access with other people simply by creating unique entry codes.
  • Ability to add one day codes, which auto delete after 24 hours – in case you need to share access for short term.

Ruveno Slim Smart Door Lock Compatible with Alexa

Key Features

  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa.
  • Easily be locked, unlocked and monitored remotely just with WiFi.
  • Can be unlocked with finger print (can store up to 200 finger prints).
  • Smart phone app can be used to control (lock/unlock)
  • Can generate additional pass codes to share with family or friends (valid for a few hours)
  • Available in different colours to match your door.

Simpled Smart Lock

Key Features

  • 7 unlocking methods (no more lost keys)
  • Compatible with Google Home and Other Virtual Assistants
  • Share access with others through app (for minutes, hours or days)
  • Easily fits into existing doors.
  • Automatic locking and Unlocking of door upon arrival and departure
  • Emergency keys / Emergency charging
  • Can open door with a voice command

Dermum Smart Lock

Key Features

  • Machine learning finger print sensor
  • Multiple ways to lock/unlock
  • Grant access remotely
  • Auto lock function
  • Reversible handle
  • Easy installation

Switch Bot Smart Lock

Unlike other locks on the list, this smart lock is actually a switch bot. This is fantastic way to make any lock a smart lock. It allows you to automate your front door. Access can be shared with other people and can be controlled with voice.

How Smart Locks Make Home Secure

All of the above smart locks are compatible with smart devices. Just with one simple command these smart locks can lock, unlock and share access easily. However many of these locks might need hub or bridge to function.

Ruveno smart lock is very advanced and excellent value for money. It is extremely high quality and very security. It has Bio-Metric verification system that makes it stands out. You can use your finger prints to prevent unauthorised access to your home.  The good thing is that it has almost all the features that most of the smart locks have and it is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa.

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