Top 3 Switchbot Smart Home Devices – Ultimate Guide and FAQs


Smart home automation is very hot topic days now a days. There are many smart devices available in the market to aid this process. Choosing a smart device that meets your expectation and works best for you, can be a challenging process.

One of the popular smart home devices is ‘Switchbot bot’. In this article we will review this device and some other devices by the manufacturer ‘Switchbot’.

Switchbot’s most popular device is Switchbot bot.

What is Switchbot bot or smart switch?

Switchbot bot or smart switch is a simple but quality smart device.  It is very well designed and a clever solution to turn any standard switch to a smart switch. You can actually call it a bot, which turns your switches on and off. You don’t have to replace you switches. Instead, you can attach this devices to the switches at home and leave the rest to this device. It has a tiny mechanical arm which turns the switches on or off. It can work with any rocker switch and appliance button.  Furthermore, it can turn your existing appliances to smart appliances in quick, simple, and cost-effective way.

The bot connects to your phone through a hub, enabling you to control the Switchbot with your smart phone. You can even set schedules and leave the rest to Switchbot.

Installing Switchbot smart switch

In case you are wondering how to install this device, installation of Switchbot bot is very straightforward and easy. No tools are required for this process.

It is a two-step installation process:

Step 1

Tear off 3M sticker

Step 2

Attach the bot near a rocker switch

Switchbot switch installation tips

Make sure the place where you are sticking the 3M sticker have enough space, which is at least 1cm. Also ensure, the surface is clean, flat, and free from any dust or grease. After installing the bot wait for 24 hours once stuck to the surface for strong adhesion. The adhesive pads are very strong to keep the device stuck to any surface without falling off.

The mechanical arm of bot has enough force to press most switches. Maximum angle which the arm can swing to is 135 degrees. Make sure the arm can reach the button i.e. not too far from the button when installing. If it doesn’t reach the button, you can unstick and stick the unit again.

You only need one bot per switch. The bot can press the switch to turn on a light or an appliance and lift up the switch to turn off an appliance or a light.

Switchbot’s bot is compatible with a range of smart assistants

Switchbot bot is compatible with virtual assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri shortcuts. It also accepts IFTTT commands.

Just connect it using the hub to Alexa or Google Home, then you can use voice commands such as:

Hey Google, turn on the coffee machine

Hey Siri, turn on the heating

Alexa, Turn on the printer

Control your home while away

Control your home while on holiday through the app Switchbot button pusher to give the impression that the house is still occupied and not empty . Switchbot can also be controlled with Switchbot remote.

Switchbot smart switch FAQs

Can a light be switched on and off manually once switch bot is installed?

Yes, once the bot is installed, you can still turn the switch on/off manually.

Is a hub required for Switchbot?

Yes, a hub or mini hub required for full connectivity.

Does Switchbot bot work with Amazon Alexa?

Yes, Switchbot is fully compatible with Amazon Alexa and other smart assistants such as Google Home. However, a hub is required for the connectivity.

Does Switchbot work without a hub?

Yes, Switchbot bot can work without a hub. However, we highly recommend buying a Switchbot hub or Switchbot hub mini. This gives you more ways to control your Switchbot devices, such as controlling them remotely. A hub also gives you ability to set schedules. So instead of using the app or remote to switch a light on/off, you can set automatic schedules.

Is Switchbot Zigbee device?

Switchbot connects to your smart phone through Bluetooth. For remote connectivity and additional option such as to connect Switchbot devices voice assistants, you will need Switchbot hub. Switchbot devices do not directly connect to a Zigbee hub.

What is the battery life of Switchbot smart switch?

This smart switch has a long battery life. On an average, the battery will last for up to 600 days without needing to be replaced.

Which battery does Switchbot smart switch use?

SwitchBot Bot required CR2 3V battery.

Switchbot smart curtain opener

Another smart device which is very poplar in Switchbot range is Switchbot smart curtain opener. Switchbot wants to keep things simple when it comes to making your home smart. Like Switchbot’s bot, this is a simple but very cleaver solution to make your curtains smart. Once installed, this device lets you open and close your curtain with touch of a button. With the unique mechanical design of the SwitchBot smart curtain opener, it takes you only 30 seconds to install, regardless of whether it’s U rail, Rod or I rail.

This device is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google home, Siri and IFTTT. Using the hub you can connect your smart curtain opener with your smart phone or a smart home assistant. Once connected with a smart home assistant such as Google Home or Amazon Alexa, you can open and close your curtains with voice commands.

The device also has a light sensor. You can set your curtains to open in the morning when the devices senses light. You can also set schedules to when the curtains open and close.

This can be done remotely while you are away from home or on holiday.

Switchbot smart lock

Switchbot’s smart lock is a fantastic way to make any lock a smart lock. It allows you to automate your front door. Access can be shared with other people and can be controlled with voice.

Like other Switchbot devices, this smart lock is very easy to install. You do not need to replace your existing lock. This smart lock connects to your existing door lock to make it a smart lock. No tools are required for installation, use the provided 3M adhesive for quick and easy installation.

It has a long battery life. On an average the battery will last for 180 days before needing a battery replacement.

  • Compatible with smart home assistants
  • Voice control
  • Unlock with smart phone, keypad, fingerprint etc
  • Auto lock function – door is locked automatically when you leave or enter your house.
  • Push notifications – receive push notifications regarding the status of the door when the door is locked / unlocked or left open.  If the door is not locked properly or left open you will receive notification in the app to make sure your home is safe all the times.