Yale Conexis L1 Smart Door Lock


Yale smart door home lock is new way of entering and leaving your home. This quality smart door lock is perfect for your home if you are planning to make your home smart. With Yale smart door lock, you can easily enter and leave your home, without needing keys. So, no more lost keys. Not only it is easy and convenient to use, it is designed keeping security in mind.

There are several different ways available to open your front door once you have installed this smart lock. You can either use your phone, key card or fob, or virtual keys to unlock your door.

Conexis L1 Smart Lock

Conexis L1 smart lock by Yale is a cutting edge and highly secure smart lock. With Conexis L1 you are in control of your home’s security. This smart lock is able to send you notifications when your front door is locked unlocked, so that you don’t have to worry about safety of your home.

No keys? No problem

With this lock, you can gain access to your home with a verity of different ways using key card, key tag, phone tag or your smart phone.

Not at home? No problem

You can send virtual keys while you are away to provide access to your friends and family to your home virtually. You are able to manage keys in Conexis app, and generate permanent or temporary keys to provide access to other users.

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Connection to Conexis L1 smart lock

The lock is completely wire free. You can connect wirelessly to this smart lock through encrypted Bluetooth connection for local connectivity. The lock also has built-in temper alarm, which will activate in case someone tries to gain unauthorised access to your home.

Remote access and WiFi connectivity

As a default, this alarm connects to your mobile app through Bluetooth connection. Meaning you can not control this alarm remotely as default. However, you can use Yale sync module  or Yale access module (with Connect WiFi bridge) to remotely control your smart lock.

Once you have installed any of these modules, you can also connect your smart lock to voice assistants (Amazon Alexa or Google Home). Then you can use commands such as:

Hey Google, Unlock the front door!


Alexa, Is the front door locked shut?

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Completely secure lock

This smart lock by Yale has undergone standard testing to ensure it meets the quality standards. It has been given BSI IoT Kitemark to provide you peace of mind.

Remote connectivity through sync module

If you already have Yale sync security smart alarm in your home. You can easily connect Conexis smart lock to this system using Yale sync module. This provides you the ability to remotely control your smart lock while away from your home. You can also receive notifications on your phone when your door is locked or unlocked, to provide you with extra peace of mind.

Once the smart lock is connected with Yale home security system, you can set it to automatically turn off your security alarm when you enter your home. Similarly, you can also set it to  automatically turn on your home security alarm when you leave the house.

No membership required

You can remotely control your smart lock and receive notifications while away by integrating with sync or access modules. No monthly membership fees are payable for this purpose.

Virtual Keys and price for additional keys

To provide access to your home remotely while you are away, you can generate virtual keys and provide access to friends and family. Virtual keys can be permanent or temporary. The app gives you  5 free keys. After that, you will have to buy more virtual keys, each key costs £2.99.

Conexis L1 Connectivity issues


Conexis connects to your smart phone through Bluetooth for a local connection and through yale sync or access modules for a remote connection. If your internet goes down you can still connect your smart lock through Bluetooth connection, meaning you will have to be present near your home in the Bluetooth connection range to lock or unlock the smart lock.

Compatibility of Yale Conexis L1 with doors

Yale Conexis L1 door lock is compatible with doors which have multiple point locking mechanism also known as lift to lock doors.

Battery life of Conexis smart lock


The smart lock requires 4x AA batteries. On an average these batteries lost for up to an year.  The lock gives you advance warning if batteries are about to run flat, giving you plenty of time to replace the batteries. It also has 9v connection on external side, in case batteries are already flat before you have a chance to replace them.


This smart lock has standard 2-years manufacturer’s guarantee.

Conexis smart lock installation

You have an option to purchase professional installation when you buy this lock. Otherwise, you can check with your local locksmith if they are able to provide a quote for installation.

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