Yale Alarm Jam Detected – What Does It Really Mean?

Yale Alarm Jam Detected

Have you just had a notification on your phone from Yale app stating: ‘Yale Alarm Jam Detected’?

Now, you are worried and wondering what does it actually mean?

Receiving such a notification from home security alarm system can be worrying for anyone.

If you have received this notification from Yale app then carry on reading. In this article, we will explain what does it actually mean and if you really need to worry about it.

Yale smart alarm is one of the best selling DIY alarm systems. It is very easy to install and does not require much technical knowledge. It is designed to be installed by DIY’ers. The alarm is wireless – meaning it does not require any wiring. Therefore, it works on a wireless signal.

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Yale Alarm Jam Detected
Yale Alarm Jam Detected

Do I need to worry if Yale app notifies me of a jam detection?

As we have mentioned above, Yale smart alarm is wireless – it uses radio signals to communicate with the alarm, hub and the siren.

Yale app has a setting where you can turn jam detection on/off.

The radio signal which the Yale alarm system uses to communicate with its components can be jammed. This can not just happen with Yale wireless alarm, but with any wireless alarm system. Radio jamming is equivalent of cutting the wires on a traditional wired home alarm system.

Radio signal jamming is carried out using a signal jammer. Through a stronger signal, the jamming device overpowers the signal between the alarm components. The stronger signal from the jammer interferes with the radio signals of a wireless security system and stops the communication between the components of a wireless system. This can stop the alarm from sounding when there is movement detected by any of the sensors.

Yale smart home security system has built-in security feature, which can detect the signal jamming and sound the security alarm. However, most people do not need to worry about it. We will explain this in the next section. So, carry on reading.

Is my Yale home alarm system actually been jammed by a burglar?

This is one of the venerability of wireless home alarm systems, that these can be jammed using a signal jammer which on the same frequency.

Yale Alarm Jam Detected do i need to be worried

Signal jamming of wireless home security systems is technically possible – but it rarely happens in real life. Most burglars do not use signal jammer for wireless home security systems. Most areas currently have no risk of signal jammers for home security systems. This is simply because most of the burglars are low-tech. Therefore, jamming attacks are very unlikely, unless your home is valuable enough to be targeted by professional burglars with high tech equipment.